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II. Provide brief overview about company. Include year established and any accomplishments of merit company has realized over past year:
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IV. Provide information describing company's operational ingenuity and ability to re-engineer within existing operations working with existing materials and equipment for greater efficiency in operations:
V. Provide information describing company's success in reducing environmental waste and increase sustainability efforts within operations:
VI. Provide information describing company's safety record and initiatives to improve or sustain safety effectiveness across operations:
VII. Provide information describing company's successful ability to shift and realize growth in other markets or opportunities to overcome losses in diminishing vertical markets:
VIII. Provide information supporting company's approach and success in employee development, retention and advancement in operations:
IX. Provide information describing company's commitment to advocating preference and advancing Gravure in the industry and within marketplaces served:
X.Provide information documenting company growth including, where applicable, facility expansion, geographic footprint, customer base, sales and profitability. For sales/profitability, using percentages over past three years comparatively is accepted.
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